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Dealing With Problematic Bridesmaid

Group Therapy: Dealing With Problem Bridesmaid

This question comes from Group Therapy in our TrèsSugar Community. Feel free to add your advice in the comments!

I have an upcoming out-of-town wedding in Nov. I have chosen 3 bridesmaids and 1 MOH for my wedding. Since it's an out-of-town wedding, my friends have to fly there at their expense. My fiance and I are trying to cover up as much expense as possible. I paid for the bridsmaids' dresses, makeup and their hotel stay....etc

I have my in-law families to help out with my wedding planning and my future mother-in-law ended up choosing a completely different color theme decoration from what I have chosen for bridesmaid dress color. My future-mother-in-law is in love with her choices. She is doing the wedding planning for me, I can hardly turn her down with her decision. So now I end up buying the second sets of bridesmaid dresses to match with the color theme (double the costs) What is next, I am told that I should be buying shoes for the bridesmaids too. (I agree that it would look much nicer when everyone from the bridal party dress the same) I didn't want to add up expenses to my wedding party, so I am planning to buy the shoes again.....

Finally after spending an afternoon to look up on the internet I found a pair of shoes that 2 of the bridesmaids like. (and fits my budget) of bridesmaid with the shortest height refuses to wear the same shoe since she wants a higher heel than the rest of the team....I am very frustrated with this bridesmaid now...(originally I didn't ask her to be one of my wedding party, but since she already asked me to be hers..and she hinted that she was upset that I didn't ask her to be my bridesmaid) I chose her just because of that reason and she is the only one with a lot of free time.

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Anyways, I just find her very greedy because she was testing whether I am paying for her airplane ticket as well, and she kept on asking me how much I got for the bridesmaid dresses, and said "how did you find those cheap dress stores?" The dresses were around $100 cdn each and I don't think it's cheap. I mean as a gift, she shouldn't be asking that question. I find it very rude!! I really thought of turning her down as bridesmaid but she is a gf of my fiance's bestman...!!! My fiance kept telling me to be considerate and he doesn't want to end up losing his bestman!!!  I feel like I've had enough, besides the stress from planning the wedding, I still have to deal with bridesmaid problems...I am the bride and I feel I have no say....and have to please everyone!!  How should I deal with this?

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