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Dear Poll: Do Celebs Have a Right to Fight Back?

We hear about celebrities yelling at the paparazzi all the time. Just this week it was Seal giving them a piece of his mind, but Cameron Diaz has done it and Justin Timberlake has too. Even Hugh Grant has made his opinion known, loud and clear. Whenever I see the shutterbugs swarming celebrities, I always feel badly for them. Sure, paparazzi comes with the territory, but when is enough, enough? Famous faces can't even grab a bite to eat without flashes practically blinding them!

I may sound like a softy, but I feel like everyone has a right to privacy. What's your take on this touchy subject? It seems that most people have no sympathy for celebrities, so do you think they have a right to fight back at the media, call them names, even let matters get physical every once in a while to protect themselves?


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