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Dear Poll: How's His Oral Sex Life?

Dear Poll: How's His Oral Sex Life?

This is the companion poll to last week's How's Your Oral Sex Life? That was great fun and very informative, ladies. I always think it's a good idea to discover how many people actually share our experiences, which is just another way of affirming what's true and confirming that 'normal' is really a great, big, various category!

Once again, I'm including the links to the Kerner books -- one for him and one for her -- about improving your sex life and improving communication about your sex life. Click here and here. For those of you in more of a hurry, go here to read one of his columns about technique, comfort, and confidence.

Single ladies: Of course you don't need a partner to have feelings about this topic!

Last Friday, we learned how you feel about receiving. Today, let's find out how you feel about giving.


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