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Dear Poll: How do you Order on a First Date?

According to a New York Times article, some are saying the way you order at a restaurant on a first date can tell a lot about the person you are, especially if you're ordering red meat. Back in the day, many women would eat a large snack at home, alone, before their date so they could order a light dinner to appear ladylike, but now, ordering light fare is considered high maintenance and finicky.

This article states that more women are ordering a steak or a burger on a first date to give off the impression that they are down to earth and unpretentious, that they don't have any problems keeping up with the guys in a sense, and reassuring them that they don't have any eating issues - it's the incognito way of saying “I am woman, hear me chew.”

So ladies, do you agree with this? When you go on a date, do you typically eat lightly or do you go for the gusto and eat whatever you're craving?


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