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Dear Poll: Would Put Your Baby on Display?

There's always been some sort of weird fascination with celebrity babies. Since we most likely won't be receiving their baby announcement, the paparazzi will do almost anything to fulfill the public's curiosity surrounding what they look like. But could you imagine having to deal with all that hoopla right after giving birth? In my opinion, it makes much more sense to grant photo ops on your own terms — Remember Sarah Jessica Parker and Mathew Broderick being calmly photographed on the steps of their New York hospital after she gave birth to James Wilke?

Ladies, if you were a pregnant celebrity or a new mom like Halle, Jennifer, Christina, or Nicole, would you put your baby on display and let the paparazzi get their million-dollar shot ala SJP or would you try to keep your baby away from the spotlight for as long as possible?


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