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Dear Sugar Needs Your Help: Everyone Hates My Boyfriend

Dear Sugar and Still in Love Lucy need your help. Should she get back together with a guy her family and friends don't approve of?

Dear Sugar--

I have been in this relationship on and off for 4 years. When my boyfriend and I met, there was an instant chemistry. We had long conversations and everything seemed to mesh well between us.

After a great first year together, I received a phone call from another female who claimed she was also dating him. At that time, he was living with a couple of buddies, and our relationship was sort of rocky. After that phone call, I broke up with him. He later explained that a lot of his buddies would invite random girls over, and this one girl was obsessed with him and claimed that she only called me to provoke a break up. I later forgave him, and he moved into his own apartment. Our relationship got better and we later decided that we should live together. My parents objected to the idea, they said that we weren't mature enough, and that I should wait. Well, I moved in with him anyway and everything was great our first year.

We were very happy together but, my parents never liked him. They thought he wasn't good enough for me. They said that there was something about him that just didn’t seem right. We battled it out all the time because he never spent time with my family, and he was always with his friends. After two long years, I finally had enough of always being home alone. He would always find an excuse to spend time with his friends over me and I moved back in with my parents.

He and I started talking again and he told me how much he missed and loved me. I never stopped loving him and want to give our relationship another shot but I don't know what to do. I know that my parents will never accept him and my friends DESPISE him for all the pain he put me through. I’m worried that I'll be disowned by my friends and family if I follow my heart and get back together with him. Is this just a lust relationship that I have to get over? What should I do?


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