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DearSugar Needs Your Help: Where Did His STD Come From?

DearSugar and Trusting Tessa need your help. Her boyfriend of one year found out from a voluntary screen that he has an STI. Since she has a clean bill of health, her only assumption is that her boyfriend cheated on her. He denies her accusations but her friends are telling her she's being naive. Since some STIs can go undetected, who should she believe?

Dear Sugar,
On my first anniversary with my boyfriend, he got the results back from a voluntary medical checkup, which revealed that he had the STI, Chlamydia. He swears that he has never cheated on me but I have a clean bill of health. I was furious initially, but after talking things through and doing some research, (Chlamydia is known as the "silent infection") I decided that I trusted him enough to believe him. However, a couple of my close friends don't buy his innocence, and I must admit that their reasons make sense, especially since we were maintaining a long distance relationship for a few months, during which anything could have happened.

I have brought up these issues with him but his story never changes. My questioning has hurt and upset him as I had earlier assured him that I trusted and believed him. This whole thing has sparked off a series of fights in our peaceful relationship and I'm extremely upset. I know that he wouldn't hurt me, yet logic and my friends are telling me that I'm being stupid and naive. Are these doubts valid, or am I just being unnecessarily swayed by people who probably don't know him the way I do?


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