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DearSugar Needs your Help:

DearSugar and Betrayed Brianna need your help. Her best friend's boyfriend isn't the biggest fan of her live in boyfriend and didn't invite him to their wedding. Brianna is devastated that it was more important for him to not have him at their wedding than it was to have her -- so what should she do? Should she tell her friend how betrayed she feels even though she is basking in the glory of this happy time?

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My best friend from college's fiancé has decided he doesn't like my live in boyfriend, who he has met twice, and has decided not to invite him to their wedding. This led to me, very calmly, telling my best friend that we are a team and we come as such, and that if he was not invited, I was going to have to step down from my bridesmaid's duties and not attend the wedding.

We have not spoken since, with the exception of attending our mutual best friend's bachelorette party where we both successfully put our problems aside in favor of celebrating the bride. The problem? I am SO angry. I feel betrayed that it was more important for her fiancé to NOT have my boyfriend at the wedding than it was for her to HAVE me at the wedding. I'm sick over the fact that this is the end of the line for our relationship, which has been an amazing thing for the past near-decade of our lives, and beyond hurt that she would allow this to happen. I'm not usually a dweller, but I can't seem to get past this, to the point where it's affecting my other relationships (my girlfriends and my boyfriend, especially) because I'm so afraid to let someone get that close to me only to turn around and throw it over for a petty problem (and it is petty--I've known her fiancé for years and he's done this in a smaller form to a whole slew of people in that time). I'm restraining myself from writing her a tell-all letter, because I still feel as though this is a happy time in her life and I don't want to ruin that for her...but another part of me is asking myself why I even care, considering how unhappy I am. I guess I'm just a mess, and any advice?


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