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DearSugar Needs your Help: Is our Relationship Over?

DearSugar and Am I Over it Aimee need your help. She moved in with her boyfriend too soon and now feels like their relationship is a lost cause. Do you have any advice for her?

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I am 20 years old and have been living with my 22 year old boyfriend. Two weeks after we started dating, I moved into his place. I was living with his friend while I was looking for a place of my own, and it just happened that he asked me to live with him. Now we have been together 9 months and have gone through a lot together. He takes care of me and he is a wonderful and decent man. BUT, we have been fighting really badly for the past 4 months and now we have to find a new place to live (our lease is up). I have reservations about signing a new lease with him because I feel that we have already tainted our relationship by moving in right away, a situation that is clearly not perfect.

I shouldn't blame everything on him, I am finding myself being mean to him lately and his lack of common sense bothers me to no end. I feel
like I am subconsciously driving him away. I am completely split because I love him, I really do, but I'm not in love with him. How do I make a decision that is going to change my whole world? I really need help, I just don't know what to do anymore, my heart is split in half as is my mind!


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