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DearSugar's Venting Machine: Week of March 19th, #2

DearSugar's Venting Machine: Week of March 19th, #2

Welcome to DearSugar’s Venting Machine, a place to air and share your daily grievances.

Research strongly indicates that rumination and pent-up frustration are bad for our well-being and our relationships. Let it go here, girls, so it doesn’t follow you home.

Me first!

I have a friend who can't or won't take control of her life, and I feel increasingly maxed out around it. It's been so long, and it feels so patterned, and I just don't know how to be supportive around everything right now. I'm capable of creating more distance and taking care of myself, but it hurts . . . and I feel sad that she's so far from having the confidence and courage required to take the wheel and drive.

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