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Debate Rebate: Change Overload

And then there were four. This weekend's New Hampshire debate did a so-so job revealing nuanced differences between the leading Dems. Looks like "change" is the buzz word of the campaign. Whatever happened to experience? By the time I turned off the TV, I thought I was going to scream if I heard someone say change one more time.

Other than the obsession with cornering the change market, here are some things I noticed:

  • Hillary keenly pointed to examples of how she has already made change. She seemed passionate, but also a little cranky.
  • Obama came off as sober, calm and confident. He didn't make any major mistakes, which will help him keep the momentum.
  • Edwards clearly identified Hillary as enemy number one, including her as part of the "forces of status quo." Will there be an Obama/Edwards 2008 ticket?
  • Richardson's comment that he had been in "hostage negotiations that are a lot more civil than this" highlighted his good natured personality and his foreign policy experience.

As for the Republicans, they pretty much kept to their vague talking points/criticism of Mitt Romney. Ron Paul seemed to have wandered into the wrong party, but I did find his defiance refreshing.

The clip above shows Edwards and Clinton going at it about change. Enjoy.

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