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What Would a Disney Princess Do?

Mar 23 2016 - 10:00am

The Disney princesses [1] have definitely gone through their fair share of ups and downs, in love, friendship, and all sorts of other weird issues. We're taking a look at some of our favorite Disney princess moments to imagine how the animated heroines might react in certain situations. All your 21st-century problems, solved.

When Your Roommate Agrees to Go Out on a Tuesday

When Your Ex Walks in With a New Girl

When You Leave the Blow-Dry Bar

When For a Second He Looks Like Ryan Gosling

When You Watch The Notebook For the 100th Time

When Your Rent-the-Runway Gown Arrives

When a Friend Mentions a Low-Carb Diet

When "Your Order Has Shipped"

When You Accidentally "Like" Your Ex's Status

When Relatives Ask Why You're Still Single

When Your Boyfriend Dumps You

When He Texts You Back Immediately

When You Peruse Books on Amazon

When Your Date Shows Up Early

When He Suggests You Have a "Gym Date"

When You Try (and Fail) to Hit on a Cute Guy

When He Notices Your New Haircut

When He Agrees to Watch Scandal

When Your Boyfriend Successfully Dresses Himself

When You Try to Be Supportive During a Friend's Breakup

When Ben and Jerry's Sounds Better Than Happy Hour

When He Looks Nothing Like His OKCupid Picture

When Guys Keep Buying You Free Drinks

When You Spend an Hour at Sephora

When You Have a Really, Really Good Date

When You Fight Over the DVR

When You Offer to Do Your Roommates' Laundry

When You Go to the Gym After a Year-Long Hiatus

When Your Friend Takes You to a Weird Spa

When You Decide He's Out of the Friend Zone

When Your Early Meeting Gets Canceled

When You Vent to Your Best Friend

When You're Feeling Yourself

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