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28 Lessons Disney Sidekicks Taught Us About Friendship

Jul 27 2015 - 10:00am

We all know and love the Disney characters who stand in the spotlight, but it's the friends beside them who really run the show. Without our sidekicks, our best pals, and our wingwomen, we wouldn't make it very far — and neither would our favorite Disney heroes and heroines. See what the BFFs who had their backs taught us about what real friendship means.

Real Friends Walk With You Through Life

They Pick You Up When You Fall Down

And Keep Your Secrets For You

But They Also Help You Keep the Gossip in Check

They Are Always There to Hold Your Hand

They Won't Make You Feel Guilty For Indulging Yourself Now and Then

They Give You Support When You Need It

. . . but Call You Out When You're Wrong

They Relate to You on Another Level — Sometimes Words Aren't Even Needed

And When You Need Reassurance, Real Friends Know Just What to Say

They Always Have Your Back When There's Trouble

. . . Even If They May Be Better Off Sitting That One Out

They Share in Your Joys

. . . and in Your Pain

They Know the Proper Cure For a Rough Night

And Friends Make Even the Most Boring Things Fun

They Are Happy to Help You Out

Well, Almost Always . . . but They Still Do Anyway

They Help You With Your Wardrobe Choices

And They Are Very Wise When It Comes to Your Love Life

Friends Are the Perfect Wingmen

And Are Patient Even During the Honeymoon Phase

. . . After They Have Given Their Stamp of Approval, of Course

When Your Heart Gets Broken, They Are Always There to Comfort You

They Help You Move On

When You Want to Give Up, They Remind You to Keep Going

And You Never, Ever Have to Worry About Them Letting You Down

But Most Importantly, They Encourage You to Follow Your Heart

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