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A Do or a Don't: Staying in Touch With a Friend's Ex

A Do or a Don't: Staying in Touch With a Friend's Ex

While I’m always open and friendly, I try not to buddy up to my friends’ significant others — I don’t want to overstep any boundaries or get too involved in someone else’s relationship. But over time, especially if it’s a long-term and serious relationship, it’s inevitable for a kinship to blossom between yourself and a friend’s significant other — you spend time together, swap stories, and end up at the same events.

But when a friend tells you that the relationship is over, suddenly a person you came to know, surprisingly well, is just gone. Admittedly, I’ve felt losses after my friend’s breakups, but from personal experience I’ve learned it’s best to avoid staying friends with a friend’s ex — it can lead to drama and the sensation of being stuck in the middle. It’s too complicated for me, but what have your own relationships taught you? Is keeping in touch with their ex worth it even if it could affect your friendship?


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