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A Do or A Don't: Taking a Baby-moon

A Do or A Don't: Taking a Baby-moon

It seems like there is always a new excuse to treat yourself, and the new trend for expecting couples is to go on a baby-moon — you know, the last time to vacation with your honey before the baby comes! I'm all for living the good life and spending quality time to romance your special someone, but a baby-moon just seems like an excuse to go on an extravagant vacation. Though I'm not a mom myself, I do understand how a couples relationship, and life for that matter, completely changes after a baby. It's not as easy to get alone time with one another and oftentimes sleep is more important than sex, so perhaps getting in one last vacation makes sense after all. Every couple is different, as is every pregnancy, so tell me, do you think going on a baby-moon is a do or a don't?


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