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Do I Have to Go to Cousin's Wedding?

Group Therapy: Should I Accept or Decline My Cousin's Wedding Invite?

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I've been invited to my third cousin's wedding. I was planning on going, I wanted to go, but my mom isn't feeling up to going and has declined her invitation and my boyfriend doesn't know if he will be able to take the time off. If she was a closer relative, or someone I regularly kept in touch with (other than Facebook), I think I'd go anyway. I'm just not sure who's going, and at least half the guest list will be the groom's friends and family who I don't know at all. I've been to a few weddings in the past few years and never had to skip one. I suppose it's not as though she'll be horribly offended if I don't go, right? Would you go to a wedding by yourself?

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