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Do Tell: How Often Do You Have Sexual Dreams?

It's a rare but exciting moment when I wake up in the midst of a sexual dream. I've only had a handful, but let me tell you — they're almost as good as the real thing! We dream about sex because it's such a powerful human drive, and in our sleep we have no control over what surfaces in our subconscious minds. So you may have a sexual dream about your present lover, a past lover, someone you've had your eye on, or even a celebrity (did someone say Brad Pitt?). You may have surprising dreams about people you've never really thought of (like a co-worker), or dreams where your sexual identity has switched (maybe you're involved in a lesbian love fest when you're actually heterosexual). Or maybe, you'll be lucky enough to have a sexual dream where you actually climax. So tell me ladies, how often do you have tantalizing sexual dreams? Care to share any of the details?


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