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Do Tell: What Do You Do When You're Home Alone?

Do Tell: What Do You Do When You're Home Alone?

When you're home alone, do you do the same things that you'd do if your boyfriend, husband, or sister was over? I've been home sick for the past few days and I've noticed that I definitely have my own secret single behaviors that are actually quite funny: I eat my favorite comfort foods, I set up shop on the couch and indulge in reality TV, I wear my most comfortable worn-in baggy sweat pants, and I soak in the tub until I turn into a prune! Now you all know my secret routine, so what's yours? Do tell ladies, what do you do when you're home alone?


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dannyy dannyy 8 years
take over the lounge and get myself comfy on the couch in front of the big tv and play the sony, watch tv (seinfeld and any sport including footy, cricket, tennis or bball) enjoy a quiet beer or two by myself or invite me friends over for a night of drinking put some music on really loud surf the internet (myspace and imdb and the 'hub') invite the girlfriend over sleep relaxxx
ella1978 ella1978 8 years
I'm kinda like popgoestheworld. I try to do productive things like clean the kitchen or the bathroom, maybe do some laundry, but I love to read books, flip thru magazines and watch home improvement shows on tv. I'll occasionally make some jewelry too, something new and cute to wear. It is nice to have the remote to myself.
Frenched Frenched 8 years
I take advantage with hubby is not home to listen to my favorite music and watch DVDs that he doesn't like. I'll also clean like a maniac and take advantage of his absence to throw things away without him knowing (he tends to keep a lot of unnecessary junk!) I really do enjoy my alone time. It's refreshing.
Angelface7 Angelface7 8 years
1. Clean - because I am always too lazy when my bf/bd is around 2. Surf the net - Either reading gossip sites or window shopping 3. Read magazines !!! 4. Watch TV - play with my Tivo 5. Shave my legs :)
Ikandy Ikandy 8 years
I put on chick flicks or the food network (he hates that lol) read fashion and gossip magazines, do masks or facials...
Blue24 Blue24 8 years
I read! It's not often... having silence a home!
Jacinthe Jacinthe 8 years
I clean. Do dishes. One of my roomate's is fucking psycho and has a habit of acting like mom about dirty dishes (and everything else), so I instinctively avoid doing dishes when they're around.
lickety-split lickety-split 8 years
for some reason i don't like to watch videos when my dh is home. so i do that and i'll eat things he won't (like fish) for dinner.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
Eat junk food while playing Sims 2 (total guilty pleasure) and watching a movie. Sometimes I'll go on my laptop and surf the internet while I wait for the Sims to load.
Jude-C Jude-C 8 years
Eat whatever I'm craving, watch whatever movies and listen to whatever music I want, or just cuddle around with a book and enjoy my alone time!
linb linb 8 years
Hehe... I talk to myself out loud too, Pistil. Occasionally my boyfriend will walk in and catch me doing it - thankfully my little puppy is usually by my side, so I can say I was talking to her :D
pink-elephant pink-elephant 8 years
Break out the comfort foods, walk around in my undies turn up the radio or watch my favorite shows! I love my alone time.:D
emalove emalove 8 years
I don't really have any secret single behaviors...I do what I want when I want to, whether my husband is home or not.
DreaAST DreaAST 8 years
watch tv and be on the internet.
Pistil Pistil 8 years
I talk out loud to myself a lot when no one is around... is that normal? I also sing and dance sometimes. I bring all my schoolwork, laptop, etc. upstairs, take over the living room, and multi-task in front of the TV.
Marci Marci 8 years
I watch all kinds of bad TV that my fiance would never watch; it's like junk food for my brain. I also don't bother making a real dinner and play the same song over and over, working out a dance routine to it. :)
adrilenee adrilenee 8 years
Oh, and watch sappy/chick flicks that everyone else thinks is dumb/silly. IE: The Prince and I(Me), etc...
adrilenee adrilenee 8 years
Turn the music on loud and dance, haha. Very fun workout, highly recommended!
Korsgal Korsgal 8 years
Veg out on the couch, knit, pluck my eybrows the stuff I don't have time to do when I'm out and about
Jeny Jeny 8 years
I have a routine for the nights I'm home alone.. I spend time with my pup, take a shower, run around my house in a robe and a towel on my head, and get in bed and stay on the net for a while or watch a movie on my laptop until I pass out. Love it!
lemuse20 lemuse20 8 years
Listen to music (alllways!) while either sitting at the computer (probably on Popsugar lol) or cleaning/dancing, a manicure... sometimes watch a movie if any good is on.
pinkytoes pinkytoes 8 years
I love laying in bed, eating a bunch of food and watching whatever is on TV. Of course, in sweat pants.
bellaressa bellaressa 8 years
It's weird but I have a weird little schudule. 1. Hair Mask 2. Face Mask 3. While these are pentrating... 4. I clean the house 5. I take a bath and then shower 6. Relax and read I feel so much more relaxed if things are organized and clean. I am not a clean freak but it just makes me feel better.
longhorn_sugar longhorn_sugar 8 years
turn on my favorite entertainment (tv, radio, youtube) and start reading my favorite websites
JovianSkies JovianSkies 8 years
When I'm alone at home, I like to paint and write my book (so nice and quiet) but I also may just walk around in a towel after showering, and usually always clean the house.
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