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Do Tell: What Was the Worst Pickup Line You Ever Got?

Our friends at Em & Lo have listed the 10 rules of the pickup, some for men ("Never look someone in the boobs while talking"), but some which are addressed equally to women ("Do not wordlessly dry-hump a stranger from behind on the dance floor"). Damn! There goes my main move.

When I was an undergrad, I was assigned Venus in Furs for a literature and psychoanalysis class and was reading it intently at a cafe. Now, the book is an erotic tale about a man obsessed with a dominatrix, and the cover had an arresting image of a woman in a red fur coat. A guy kept walking back and forth past my table, and finally, when I looked up, he gave me a creepy look and said, "That is my favorite book. May I sit down?"

Needless to say, the answer was no, but that probably wasn't even the worst pickup line I ever got — just the one I can remember. What was the worst pickup line you ever got? What was your reaction?

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