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Do You Believe in Living Together Before Marriage?

Sometimes I feel like my grandmother's generation is like another species. Those women were just so different when it came to their opinions about relationships. I try to welcome my mom's advice, but sometimes, it's just so "out there," that I have to end the conversation.

The other day we were talking about my best friend who is about to move in with her boyfriend when my mom went off on this whole tangent. She believes that living together before you get married is a bad idea because you'll end up getting divorced. She said it's like playing house and unless the two people are committed to each other by law, that they're not going to take the relationship seriously. She thinks it makes it easy for people to walk away from their relationship problems, instead of staying together to work them out.

I had to completely disagree with her. I believe that it is absolutely essential to live with someone before you make the marriage commitment. Being in love with someone and living with someone are two totally different things. You've got to try the person out to make sure you're compatible roommates. If you can survive living together, and work out all the things you need to do like grocery shopping, cleaning, sharing a bathroom, and paying the bills, you're on your way to a successful marriage.

So what do you think about living together before marriage? Is it a good idea or a bad idea? Will it pave the way for a healthy marriage, or cause a future marriage to end up in divorce?


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