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Do You Check Out the Ex?

Here's a poll from OnSugar blog Sex Lies & Dating in the City.

You know how some topics just seem to keep coming up? Over and over. Well lately it seems like wherever I look, people are talking about their partner's ex. Specifically that they're facebook stalking the exes, or obsessing about the ex in some other way.

I gotta say, I find this bizarre Not in a judgy way, more in a I've moved to a new country and everyone behaves differently way.

I can tell you, with absolute certainty, that I've only ever googled a guy's ex two times and each time I had a pretty compelling reason to. The first time was when I was dating one of the guys with a stalker (real stalker, restraining order and all that). The stalker started to stalk his ex-wife, too. So I asked him how the stalker found his ex-wife and he said she was pretty easy to find, that there was something on google that had both of their names and then when you just googled her. So I had to. It was practically a requirement (and that's when I found out that I was basically the younger version of her, uber-creepy).

The next time was also a requirement. I was dating someone who mentioned his ex-wife (it was in relation to a story about their son) in a very, you know, kind of way. The tone of his voice made it seem like he assumed I knew who she was. And I didn't. Of course, when I got home that night I immediately googled him and there, on the 2nd or 3rd page, she was. She was/is a actress. I'm so not into web-stalking my dates (really, really not) that I didn't bother reading enough of his google hits (back when we first starting dating and I googled him for some basic info) to find her. But then once I did, I had to dig further into her.

Anyway, for today's question I want to know if I'm weird for never checking this stuff out and then checking in (all the time) on the exes. Is that kind of thing the norm? Do you cyber-stalk your date's/significant other's ex?

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