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Do You Cry Easily?

It was reported that singer Lily Allen suddenly started crying onstage at a concert over the weekend in Helsinki, Finland. She told the audience that the pain meds she was on for a nasty fall were making her wonky.

I hardly cry at all now — except during the rare PMS-induced crying jags that can be prompted by anything, including cute pictures of kittens or over-the-top romantic movies. But I did have what you could call a crying phase. Between high school and moving away to college, I was nervous, excited, on edge — and would cry at the drop of a hat. I've always been glad that I never broke down and cried at work; I hear this is a no-no professionally.

The thing with crying, though, is that you usually can't control it once it starts! Do you cry easily? Have you ever regretted crying somewhere you wish you hadn't?

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