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Do You Have a "Gay Best Friend"?

Do You Have a "Gay Best Friend"?

Every single woman needs a gay best friend to give her crucial dating and fashion advice, or so the axiom holds. There's even a definitive book on the genre of friendship — Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys — which celebrates "one of the most important relationships in a straight girl's life."

In a piece in Salon today, writer Thomas Rogers has a more critical take on the stereotypical relationship. He writes:

From Sex and the City (Carrie and her queeny sidekick Sanford) to The Real Housewives of Atlanta (NeNe Leakes and her "gay boyfriend"). It's turned what was once a special relationship between two cultural outsiders — gay men and the straight women who love them — into an eye-rolling cliché. It also turned me and other young gay men into something unexpected: a must-have item.

Rogers argues that the so-called gay best friend should just be called "a friend." That works for me. Is there someone in your life you consider to be your gay best friend.

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