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Do You Prefer Sex With a Circumcised or Uncircumcised Man?

There's been a big push in Africa to get men circumcised in order to reduce their risk of contracting HIV. A recent study dedicated to evaluating the health benefits of male circumcision in Uganda decided to go further and see how the practice impacted a patient's sex life. The results show that 40 percent of women said that they had more satisfying sex after their partner was circumcised. (Note: 57 percent reported no change and three percent said sex was less satisfying.)

Women credited a variety of factors for their increase in pleasure, including improved hygiene, a longer period before their partner climaxed, and an increased sex drive from their partner.

I've heard anecdotal evidence to support a wide range of opinions on the topic. Some women say sex is much better when a man is au naturel, while others are turned off by the foreskin. And some women I know don't have an opinion either way. What about you?

Source: Flickr User Brains the head

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