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Do You Read or Forward Political Emails? Super or Spam?

What's viral, anonymous, and will find you when you're least expecting it? Nope, it's not the clap, it's those political or activist email forwards. You know, the ones that originate from points unknown, to share information (?) or opinions with every Tom, Dick, and Inbox. Here's one that crossed my Spam Filter this week:

Subject: Midwest Flooding

As you watch the flooding in the Midwest, have you noticed that there are no farmers running around with stolen plasma TVs or holding stolen liquor over their heads? I heard a dimwit talking head on CNN yesterday say that this reminded him of New Orleans. How? Outside of being flooded the similarity stops there. There is no looting, no people wandering the streets looking for meanness. . . there is not one damn thing, other than water, that is similar to New Orleans. The actions of the people of Des Moines only makes the actions of the people of New Orleans look like what it was. . . people of several generations of dependency on government unable to depend upon themselves to save themselves. That is what always happens when the government bails folks out for generation after generation!

It relays an opinion, to be sure — but are these forwarded email missives taken as fact — and are they beneficial? They're a double-edged sword: by sending one on, you're assuming that the recipient shares your views while simultaneously espousing them as your own. Though they are a way to share information and start a dialogue. Do you forward them on?


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