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The Dos and Don'ts of Attending a Super Bowl Party

The Dos and Don'ts of Attending a Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Sunday is a national holiday for sports' lovers, but if you're not a football connoisseur, you can still reap the benefits of a fun Super Bowl party! Check out my dos and don'ts before spending this weekend with die-hard fans, and please feel free to add you own in the comment section below.

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Do Don't
  • Do know what teams are playing.
  • Do root for your team if you're a fan — don't be shy!
  • Do enter the betting pool — even if you don't know the facts, you could end up victorious.
  • Do throw the football with the boys at halftime — it'll help burn off some of the calories you've consumed!
  • Do be understanding if your significant other's team loses — some guys take a loss very seriously.
  • Do look forward to the commercials.
  • Don't talk during a big play, or any intense moment in the game for that matter.
  • Don't overdress for a Super Bowl party.
  • Don't comment on the players "outfits."
  • Don't walk in front of the TV.


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