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Dos and Don'ts of Living Together Before Marriage

Dos and Don'ts of Living Together Before Marriage

When couples get serious in their relationship, they start to think about taking things to the next level, and living together is usually the next step. Many prefer to do it before they get married to strengthen their bond and see if they're compatible, but before you pack up your boxes and move in on the fly, here are some things to consider.

Do Don't
  • Do be flexible about where you'll live. Take space, cost, and convenience into consideration. And instead of moving into one of your places, consider finding a completely new place.
  • Don't move in for the wrong reasons. You shouldn't live together just because it'll save money or it's close to your favorite health food store. Decide to share a place because of where you are in your relationship.

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Do Don't
  • Do communicate each other's needs, expectations, and schedules before moving in. He should know that on Tuesday nights, you need the place to yourself to host your all-girls potluck dinner.
  • Do respect those needs, expectations, and schedules. If he can't stand a dirty kitchen, don't leave your dishes in the sink.
  • Do discuss your finances. Whether you split things even-steven or one person pays more than the other, be sure you're fully aware of your responsibilities.
  • Do make sure you're on the same page when it comes to having pets, house guests, and time alone.
  • Do divvy up the chores and responsibilities that come with your home evenly and fairly.
  • Don't assume that moving in together means you're getting married. If that's the only reason you're doing it, perhaps you should wait until you're engaged first.
  • Don't buy a place together unless you're ready. It's better to rent together first, without any financial ties.
  • Don't be bossy or stubborn about decorating. Try to compromise with a new style that works for you as a couple.
  • Don't let living together take the romance out of your relationship. Be sure to schedule weekly dates to keep the magic alive.


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