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Dude. What's the Deal With The Political Frat House Mentality?

Dude. What's the Deal With The Political Frat House Mentality?

Yay, I love that women get to be in politics, it's sooo awesome and we have it way, way better than a lot of ladies — but what the heck is going on with all of the dude behavior?

In Australia, Opposition leader Troy Buswell admitted to sniffing the chair of a female Liberal Party staffer. Um, ew. He turned suddenly sensitive however when he had to own up to the act, broke down in tears at a press conference and had to compose himself before telling the media that his shenanigan was inappropriate. Surely just a one-off joke gone wrong? Eh, he'd apparently also snapped the bra of a colleague inspiring a whole new slew of laws banning MPs from sexually harassing parliamentary staff. That's one way to inspire quick change in government I suppose.

Even the most prominent lady in politics at the moment, Ms. Hillary Clinton isn't safe from dude-ness. Right on the heels of the "pansy" situation, a local labor leader introducing Clinton and perhaps trying to pay her a compliment (?!) said the nation needed a leader "that has testicular fortitude." That's right. Testicular. Fortitude. Right or wrong, do people even say that? I say keep your fortitude in your pants, sir.

Have we become so comfortable with women in leadership roles, that the polite censoring has gone out the window, like gals are just "one of the guys," or do gaffes like this show something else? Are we really not as close to integrating women into power positions as we'd like to think? To check out Hillary's reaction to the labor leader's ballsiness,



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