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Is It Ever OK To Touch Someone's Face Without Consent?

Is It Ever OK To Touch Someone's Face Without Consent?

The other day on Live, Clay Aiken was co-hosting with Kelly Ripa while Regis was away. In the middle of an interview, Clay put his hand over Kelly's mouth. Not only was she disgusted by his germs, but she was irritated that he hushed her.

I feel that your face is a very personal space that isn't meant for others to invade without permission. Do you feel that it is alright to do what Clay did and touch another's face without consent?

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cubadog cubadog 9 years
I don't like anyone touching my face unless I am havingmy make-up done or a facial. Rosie made the whole thing homophobic and he hasn't even come out of the closet.
Luna13 Luna13 9 years
what clay did was inappropiate and rude. But the point is what Kelly said, she goes ' oh thats a no no, i dont know where you hands have been?' which is true but rosie o donell took it as a homophobic remark which is just plain stupid! I know this covers a whole other topic but i was mad at rosie and i expressed it!!!! aaaa!
Vannuccia Vannuccia 9 years
I'm quite a touchy-feely person, but I hate people touching my face. It's a no-no for me, especially because of germs and the thought of my make-up being ruined (sad, I know ;) Growing up, I constantly had members of my Dad's family pinching- and therefore hurting ;)- my cheeks. At school I remember this random boy stroking my face on the bus, god knows why, which freaked me out a bit. More recently, while I was studying in Italy, one of my University lecturers pinched my cheek (but it was entirely innocent) and my friend's boyfriend (an Italian again) almost ruining my eye make-up on a night out by surprising me from behind. All of which annoyed me, but maybe I'm a bit uptight ;)
hangownsyou hangownsyou 9 years
one time i had my head bent down because i was writing something on paper and this guy took his hand and touched my chin up to look at him - i had to resist throwing the pen at him.
M155-J4CK13 M155-J4CK13 9 years
I don't like when people touch my face. Especially when I'm wearing very smudgeable makeup. -But I wouldn't say it's offensive. I never get angry or feel like my personal space has been violated. It's petty to get upset over something like that. Unless the touching is repetitive, I wouldn't show that I care.
lickety-split lickety-split 9 years
my fist daughter was 6 weeks old before i would leave the house with her other than a doctor's appointment. finally dh convinces me to go to the donut shop on saturday morning. we walk in and i'm carrying jenna like a sack of crystal figurines (total postpartum). the first person we encounter is a woman who pinches jenna's cheek and gets so close to her face that it was just weird. i was so freaked that i just turned around and went back to the car. don't touch faces.
kh61582 kh61582 9 years
I think that it was simply a stupid thing to do. Clay Akin was just being immature but I don't think he probably meant for it to be this big a deal. I feel like if you know a person pretty well then maybe you can get away with something like this without incident but clearly that wasn't the case here.
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