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Exclusive! NY Times Copy and Pastes Call Girl MySpace Page

I feel sort of icky writing about this, but I suppose the damage is already done. "Kristen" — the high-end prostitute employed by ex-Governor Eliot Spitzer — has been found. At 22 years old, this young woman is not much older than Spitzer's teenage daughters.

Thank you to the New York Times for telling the story that obviously needed to be told. By telling the story, I mean copying and pasting her MySpace page.

I wonder how Spitzer's teenage daughters feel about seeing pictures of the attractive woman their father paid for sex splashed all over the newspaper and internet. This just highlights the countless victims of Eliot Spitzer and the American obsession with sex scandals. With spurious reporting, comes great responsibility. And of course, to see my full reaction, check out my MySpace page.


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