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10 Valentine's Day Experience Gifts You'll Both Enjoy

Feb 11 2014 - 5:00am

Rather than buying your guy a new watch or wallet for Valentine's Day, try something different and give him an experience that you can enjoy together. Skip the standard candlelit dinner routine and spice things up with a fun adventure. He'll love the thoughtful surprise, and you'll have a shared memory that can last forever. Here are 10 great experiences for you to gift your guy with on Feb. 14!

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Rent His Dream Car

He may not be able to own his dream car, but you can give him a taste of the fantasy by renting it for a day. He'll be thrilled by the gesture, and it's the perfect excuse for a quick road trip.

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Get Active

Rent some skis and spend some quality time on the slopes, then hit the lodge to cozy up together with some hot chocolate. Don't live near a ski spot? Check out the trails instead. Rent bikes to tour your town or a local national park.

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Tour a Local Brewery

Give your guy a peek behind the scenes at a local brewery, then relax and sample some of the popular beers. Can't find a nearby brewery? Try buying a few craft beers and create your own beer garden.

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Scout the Jazz Scene

Tickets to a local jazz club? It will be music to his ears. Whether he's into the genre or not, he'll definitely be able to appreciate talented musicians. Dress up and splurge on fancy cocktails to make the outing extraspecial.

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Hit the Casino

Take the money you'd spend on a material gift and offer to bring him to the casino instead. You'll both have a blast playing games, and he won't feel guilty spending money you planned to shell out anyway.

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Step Up Your Movie Date

Give your movie date an old-school makeover by visiting a drive-in theater instead. Don't worry about being too chilly — you can stay inside the car to keep warm and cozy up together.

Take a Dinner Cruise

Wish you could get away for a while? Go for a short dinner cruise instead to feel the freedom of vacation without all the expenses.

Visit a Comedy Club

Find out if any of his favorite comedians are coming to town, like funny guy Aziz Ansari from Parks and Recreation. For a more budget-friendly option, check out a smaller improv venue or even try an improv class yourselves.

Try a Class

Get him to step outside his comfort zone by trying a dance class. Make it a group date with other couples so that you can all laugh over it later. Can't convince him to try? Sign up for a cooking class instead and treat him to a tasty feast.

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Make It a Foodie Day

Dating a guy with an appetite? Plan a day that's all about food. Visit a farmers market, an international food market, or a street fair so that he can satisfy his taste buds. Carry all your ingredients home and cook up a creative meal together. Bonus points if it includes a natural aphrodisiac like oysters or chocolate.

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