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17 FOMO Moments Every 20-Something Experiences

May 26 2015 - 5:00pm

FOMO here, FOMO there, FOMO everywhere. If you're in your 20s and have some sort of social life, you know how bad it hurts when you experience this dreaded fear of missing out. It might just be even worse than going through all the common quarter-life crisis symptoms [1]. The next time one of these scenarios happens, just know that you're not alone — even the best of us have been there.

Not Being Included in a Group Text About Weekend Plans

Waiting Online Forever and Not Getting Tickets to Coachella

Being the Last to Find Out About a Viral Video or Tweet

Seeing Your Friends' Group Vacation Photos on Instagram

Being the Last to Bond With the Cool New Girl at Work

Having Your Parents Visit You on a Friday Night

Failing at Getting in Shape While Your Roommate Owns the Treadmill

Having to Move Back Into Your Parents' House

Being Kicked Out of Book Club Because You Slack on the Reading

Seeing Pictures of Your Friends Living Abroad

Source: E! [2]

Your Sister Getting Messages From Hot Guys on OkCupid

Source: TLC [3]

Seeing All Your Friends Get Promoted

Still Having an iPhone 4S Two Years Later

Source: TLC [4]

Not Having Sex For Three Months

Being Way Underdressed or Overdressed For the Year's Biggest Party

Not Getting Into a Good Grad School

Hearing About Your 10th Friend to Get Engaged

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