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Fact Checking Sarah Palin's Speech to the Republican National Convention

The Morning After: Rebuttals Fly to Palin's Big Speech

No sooner had Sarah Palin's speech ended last night and the cheers faded were people clamoring to hear the response and analysis to it. I was the star of my shuttle bus for having the first-shot email from the Obama camp on my phone — I did a dramatic reading of it for my bus-mates.

The first shot included, "The speech that Governor Palin gave was well delivered, but it was written by George Bush's speech writer and sounds exactly like the divisive, partisan attacks we've heard from George Bush for the last eight years." The kids on the bus noticed the double-helping of Bush immediately. Now, the morning after, the fact-checkers are doing their duty on the speech, including these nuggets:

Palin said: "To the families of special-needs children all across this country, I have a message: For years, you sought to make America a more welcoming place for your sons and daughters. I pledge to you that if we are elected, you will have a friend and advocate in the White House."

The rebuttal: Sarah Palin might have changed her mind on this one recently. However, a comment here notes that Palin actually slashed funding for schools for special needs kids by 62 percent.

To find out what else they zeroed in on,


Palin said: “But listening to him speak, it’s easy to forget that this is a man who has authored two memoirs but not a single major law or reform — not even in the state senate.”

The rebuttal: Obama helped pass the 2007 Ethics Reform Law, which curbed the influence of lobbyists and was described as the “most sweeping since Watergate.” In the first week of the 110th Congress, Obama joined with Senator Feingold to introduce a “Gold Standard” ethics package. Many of the Obama/Feingold bill’s most important provisions were included in the final ethics reform package passed by the Senate in late January.

Her speech was wildly and widely well received, with headlines like "Palin delivers star-turning performance at RNC." What do you make of the rebuttals? Was her speech factual?


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