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Falling Without Losing Yourself

Here's a post from OnSugar blog BBZ Love.

Falling in love is such a blessing. "It makes the world go round," as people say. But how much is too much? I say everything in excess is bad for you, alcohol, excercise, work, and yes even love. There comes a point where we sometimes fall inlove so deeply that we lose ourselves in this idea to where it almost becomes an obsession. We begin to eat, breath and live for the person we fall inlove with forgeting all about ourselves.

Once your in deep, its hard to step out and find yourself. Falling inlove should never be an obsession, it should be a beautiful, possitive lifeststyle, in which both people adapt to each other's lives without completely giving up one's life to live the other persons life. Giving up friends, family, alone time and things you like doing such as gym, hobbies, etc. When a person gives these things up to be with their lover, it's only a recipe for disaster. So how can we manage?

It starts from the beginning, when you've just met. You already have a routine day, your own friends, your job. Everything in your life is controlled by you, then you meet someone and you start getting serious. Your whole world may change, but you must maintain control over your life. Slowly let this person become part of your everyday activities and keep them going. It is so important that you don't lose that control and become caged in a relationship. Don't lose yourself in love and let it become an obsession and an unhealthy relationship. Everyone needs some alone time. We are humans and we were born to love, but also to love ourselves. Alone time also allows you both to miss each other and makes the time you spend together even more special. It is always important to maintain solid relationships with friends and family. It is possible to make this significant other a priority in your life and still keep alive the things that were important to you before this person came into your life. Remember, you can have multiple priorities not just one.

So happy loving friends and stay true to yourself!

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