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Will Ferrell Back as Bush on SNL Thursday: Ha! or Blah?

In a class reunion of sorts between two SNL alums and two of the most recognizable and/or popular political impressions, last night's Thursday edition had Bush meeting Palin — for an endorsement of a very special kind.

Asking where McCain was to receive this special blessing and waxing on the experience of his last eight years in office, "Bush" said, "George Bush always finds his man, save for one huge exception." He went on, complimenting Fey-lin on her folksiness, saying, "For a while I was trying to be folksy, but after a bit, it just came off 'douchey'" Do we say that? Does the fake president say that about the real one?

With a higher level nod to perhaps the perception of his own VPs role, the faux-Bush said the job was important because the Veep, "decides when we go to war, how we tax the citizens, and how we interpret the Constitution." When McCain enters, Bush is bound and determined to get his endorsement in, regardless of McCain's reluctance — which I guess is satire, but I watched the real one back in March. . . I think "similarities" is the word we'd use. Though Will's Bush has a tinge of Ricky Bobby now, it was nice to see him back.

While Pat Buchanan has some strong words for what he sees as a double-standard when it comes to the show's mockery, what did you think of the ersatz endorsement?

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