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Flashback: Gay Bob, The World's First Gay Doll

Flashback: Gay Bob, The World's First Gay Doll

Gay Bob here probably did no favors for gay folks when he was released. (My guess is this was from the '70s or early '80s.) First of all, from a marketing perspective, why would "everyone" want a gay doll? I can't even think of too many gay people who would want one. And then lets get to Gay Bob's appearance, which, I guess, distinguishes him as gay. Dishevelled, with too much eyeliner, fake tanner, and wearing an orange man purse murse with a rumpled, clashing plaid shirt and ill-fitting pants — Gay Bob doesn't even fit the stereotype of gay man = well dressed. Supposedly, he was also to help people "come out of the closet." Hell, no one even wants him to come out of the box! Epic fail.


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