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Basic Dessert Gel

I'm going to ease you into this with pictures that aren't immediately terrifying. There's definitely something off, though, if you'll notice. Dessert — with a backdrop of broccoli, mushrooms, onions, and carrots. You know — so it won’t be all lonely sitting there.

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Chilly Cheesecake

This looks totally normal! I just added it because the name was awesome.

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Curried Chicken Mousse

Aren't curried foods usually yellow?

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A Little Bit of Italy

Jellied Wish-Bone Italian Dressing, green pepper, olives, pimiento, flaked tun,a and canned sliced mushrooms? More like A Little Bit of Nausea.

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Thousand Island Salmon Spread or Shrimp Pate?

Does it make a difference?

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New-Way Three-Bean Salad

I’ll take the old way, thank you very much.

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Calico Corn Relish and Creamy Cranberry Relish

Otherwise known as “what the contents of your stomach on the sidewalk are going to look like when you’re done eating from the Knox Gelatine Cookbook.”

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