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The Flirting Seems Real, But He's Gay

The Flirting Seems Real, But He's Gay

Dear Sugar
I have a huge crush on my regional sales manager at work. I know it's bad, we work together but he's so sweet that he makes me instantly smile whenever I see him! He does cute little things all of the time like hold my hand and call me endearing names such as: princess or cutie pie.

He's adorable, sweet and funny and he winks at me all day long which always puts a smile on my face. I walked over to his cube the other night to say goodbye and there he was with his ... boyfriend. AHH!

I was totally shocked to discover that he is gay. Shocked is putting it mildly. I actually feel pretty devastated. My feelings have developed into something real and now that I can't have him, I want him more than ever! What should I do? Shattered Shawna

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Dear Shattered Shawna
That's a bummer, but there's nothing that you should do or can do about it! He's flirting with you fairy style. Since he's gay, he's not going to ever be able to reciprocate your feelings so just enjoy this company and try your best to view him as your fun friend from now on.

Go with it if it makes you smile. You are lucky to have a little burst of sunshine at work throughout the day. You can not make a move on him; he's got a boyfriend, so don't even think about it. Not only will the boyfriend get angry if he finds out (wouldn't you) but it might ruin what you guys have together now. Try and move on ... and even better, try not to find a work crush, those are always complicated.

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