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Fox News on The Daily Show

Fox News: Love It, Hate It, or Tolerate It?

This could be the definitive documentary about that great wedge issue that is Fox News. I'm not casting aspersions at the "Fair and Balanced," but you know it's true: people either love it or hate it. Last night The Daily Show ran an amusing and pointed profile of the foxy network. It's a two-parter, but it's Friday! Take a break and check it out.

OK, I admit I have been known to make a critical remark or two about Fox News around here, but it's a complicated relationship. I don't hate the notion that a network should be able to provide a specific lens by which to view the news, but I do find some of their techniques a little ham-fisted. Be conservative, that's great — just don't be cheesy about it? But then loud noises, aggressive flag/explosion graphics and Alan Colmes scare me a little, so I tend to stay away. Not because I don't agree with them, just that it's not my preferred method of news delivery.

How about you? Are you a Fox News watcher, or a member of the Outfoxed nation? Do you love it? Hate it? Don't see what the big deal is? If you're a watcher, do you think that it tells objective news, or do you like it specifically because it's news that makes an argument?

To see the second part of the clip,


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