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Fred Thompson Campaign Gear

On My Shopping List: Fred Thompson Gear — On Sale!

Okay this bargain goes out especially to mymellowman, the most vocal Fred Head we've got. The Fred Thompson Hometown Store is having a huge sale on all their Fred Thompson campaign paraphernalia. Dying for a scented candle that declares your allegiance to the baritone actor/Senator? You're in luck! It's $5, and it smells like peaches! (The candle, not Fred Thompson.)

Under the category of inexplicable, though not entirely useless, you can pick up a sewing kit for less than $3 — in addition to the standard t-shirt/sticker/button fare. Go nuts, the stuff might either be collector's items, or really useful if Fred gets the #2 nod. I also have a hot tip that mymellowman is into the Fred Head Fans, so hurry and get to them before he does!

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