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French Give Brits a Lesson in Le G-Spot

In the latest battle in the war over the G-spot's existence, French scientists have managed to make their British counterparts look like inexperienced lovers.

Speaking about a recent British study that concluded the G-spot was a myth, top French gynecologist Dr. Odile Buisson insisted that an Anglo-Saxon tendency to reduce sexual mysteries to absolutes showed a lack of respect for what women say about their own sexuality.

Unlike the Brits, she said, the French don't want to explain sexual experiences using genetics; instead they accept ambiguity and a woman's ability to discover this sensitive part of her body. Buisson explained: "It is clear that in female sexuality there is a variability . . . It cannot be reduced to a 'yes' or 'no', or an 'on' or an 'off.'" Do you agree?

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