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Friend and Fiance Don't Get Along

Group Therapy: Friend Is Trying to Come Between Me and My Fiancé

This question is from a Group Therapy post in our TrèsSugar Community. Add your advice in the comments!

I recently got engaged to my longtime boyfriend. We have been together for 5 years now more or less. The problem here is that we have a mutual female friend who has started acting really strange since my engagement. The day I told her I got engaged, she told me he was better looking than I was. Recently she has started making up false stories and tells them to each of us separately. For example, my fiancé and I decided to get married in December and she recently told him that I do not intend to get married in December and am only agreeing to it because he is pressuring me. On the other hand, she told me that he has issues with December because his brother won't be able to attend. Other than that, she constantly mentions that she called my fiancé and then goes on to tell me random things they talked about. She also acts like she knows him better and tries to give me advice about how to deal with him. She calls him three, maybe four times a day and whenever something is wrong, even if he has a slight fever, she comes over and tries to take control. It is irksome.

The lies she is telling are not creating any issues with me and my guy because we generally discuss everything that goes on and have made a silent pact now to never believe what she tells either one of us. But what disturbs me is that she is getting into my personal space, yesterday I caught her going through my phone.

I try not to confront her because she gets hurt easily and I have a temper I am not very proud of, which I try to keep in control as much as possible. But now I am at a point where her constant interference is getting on my nerves. My fiancé is of the opinion that he or I should directly confront her. Would that make her stop? I have tried telling her that I like my personal space to myself but she pays no heed. What should I do?

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