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Friends and Lovers

Dear Sugar
I just moved to a new city to live with my best friend from college. I moved into her three bedroom apartment that she shares with a great guy and for the past few months, we have been the epitome of three's company; two girls and one guy. Since this is the first time I have lived so far from my family, it is extremely refreshing to live in a family type environment.

Last week, I came home after work and my best friend said she had something to tell me. She sat me down and told me that she and our other roommate have been hooking up for the past month and have decided to officially be a couple. To say I was shocked is an understatement. Not only was I completely left in the dark, but my little brother/sister family environment was about to change.

After the initial shock wore off, she told me that the dynamic in the house wouldn't change, but if I wanted him to move out, she would completely understand. I don't want to be the third wheel in my own home, but I don't want to be that girl who makes their relationship hard and asks him to leave. What should I do? Third Wheel Winona

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Dear Third Wheel Winona
Well they sure have put you in a tough position haven't they! How has it been around the house? Are they affectionate to the point where you feel uncomfortable? Although they say the dynamic won't change in the house, I think we both know it inevitably will.

I can understand your hesitation of asking him to move out, so although it is a total pain, I think the best thing to do is start looking for a new apartment. Place an ad in the classifieds, and start networking ASAP. If you still feel hurt or left out by their new relationship, your friendship could possible suffer if you continue to live with them.

Hopefully you can use this opportunity to make some new friends and explore your new city. Try your best to look on the bright side of this situation; if you have your own apartment, then you won't need to be stuck in the middle of their lovers' quarrels! Happy New Year and good luck to you.

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