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Front Page: Middle East, the Campaign, and Kenya

  • President Bush's Mideast Peace Plan:
    From Jerusalem, President Bush introduced a peace treaty he is hoping to arrange between Israel and Palestine by the end of his term. The plan includes changing borders and paying Palestinians and their families for homes they left in what is now Israel.
    Bush acknowledged, “achieving an agreement will require painful political concessions by both sides.”
  • The Republican Debate on Fox News:
    The Republican candidates took the stage last night, debating in preparation for the upcoming South Carolina and Michigan primaries. Fred Thompson, counting on the South for a win, came alive with a strong performance. He said of the race, “this is a battle for the heart and soul of the Republican party.”
  • Protests Returning to Kenya:
    Kenya’s opposition party said it would resume protests against President Mwai Kibaki’s contentious re-election, after African Union mediation failed to resolve the country’s political crisis. The protests have lead to approximately 500 deaths since the Dec. 27 vote.
    Government Minister Uhuru Kenyatta said of the protests, “dialogue is not engaged in the streets. Dialogue suggests that people resolve their differences peacefully, over a table, not through destroying property and killing innocent Kenyans.”
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