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Front Page: President Bush Holds His Last Press Conference

  • President Bush held his final press conference today, defending his time in the White House. He thanked the journalists who covered him for their usually professional work but quipped that some had "misunderestimated" him. — New York Times
  • A judge will rule today whether Bernard Madoff should go to jail as he awaits trail for his alleged $50 billion fraud or remain on house arrest in his luxurious apartment. — AP
  • Israel completed 15 airstrikes last night, pushing into a heavily populated area of Gaza City. For the first time in the 17-day war, Israeli officials believe that Hamas is beginning to crack. — International Herald Tribune
  • Joe Biden arrived in Baghdad today, where the Vice President-elect will meet with Iraqi leaders. Before arriving in Iraq, Biden made visits to Pakistan and Afghanistan. Reuters
  • Last week's jump in US unemployment caused global economic anxiety today and a general slide in world markets. — LA Times


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