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Full House

Dear Sugar
My boyfriend has eight children from eight different women and some of the children are even the same age. My boyfriend seems to have a pretty good relationship with all of these women and I don't know how to deal with this.

I am not jealous of their children, it's just that he's got so many responsibilities and I don't know how to react when he's talking to all of their mothers. Sometimes I even get confused who is who! He has custody of some of the children therefore he has to deal with the moms on a regular basis. How do I deal with this situation? Mom by Association Molly

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Dear Mom by Association Molly
I don't blame you for being confused by this scenario. How long have you been with this man? Has your boyfriend been in relationships with all of these women? Is he financially supporting all eight of his children?

Your boyfriend will be tied to these women for the rest of his life so you are going to have to figure out a way to live with his situation. Has he ever given you a reason to doubt him? Although your boyfriend has been with many women in his past, it doesn't necessarily mean he can't be trusted.

I think you inevitably need to ask yourself if you are able to live with sharing a part of your boyfriend with eight other women. It's pretty clear that he is quite fertile so if you are not ready to become a mother, don't forget the birth control. Good luck.

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