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#TweetsGirlsSay: Delightfully Inappropriate Edition

Apr 25 2014 - 12:23pm

The women of Twitter were especially feisty this week, but we love it. In this week's edition of Tweets Girls Say [1], we're laughing out loud at horribly but hilariously inappropriate jokes about balls, bush, and Klondike bars. Check 'em out now, and for even more funny, follow us on Twitter [2]!

"I'd do anything for you" "I'd do anything for you, too" -two Klondike bars in love

— Bez (@Bez) April 25, 2014 [3]

Easter is just another opportunity for my mother to talk about my unfertilized eggs.

— Shira (@shiraselko) April 20, 2014 [4]

If my mouth has ever been on your balls, then every time we "hang out," we are actually "on a date."

— Tricia (@Im_Tricia) April 19, 2014 [5]

A guy kept insisting that he buy me a beer finally I said I don't need to get drunk before I sleep w/strangers then he got me a club soda

— AmberTozer (@AmberTozer) April 23, 2014 [6]

Remember that time you saw your mom's giant bush when you were little? That bush is now gray or perhaps worse: shaven. Happy Saturday!

— Stephanie McMaster (@Smethanie) April 20, 2014 [7]

Kinky dogs do it human style.

— Chelsea Davison (@chelsea_davison) April 21, 2014 [8]

Is there a support group for girls who stand in their kitchen and eat?

— jacqueline carbajal (@jackiecarbajal) April 23, 2014 [9]

I solemnly swear to never dissolve my Facebook account into a joint one with my future spouse.

— Heidi Selover (@happilyheidi) April 22, 2014 [10]

But sadly I was born in the era where a good morning text is considered the most romantic gesture ever

— no plz (@tbhplzdont) April 19, 2014 [11]

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