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30 Valentine's Day Cards That Put the Funny in Sexy

Feb 14 2015 - 8:00am

Cupid is a-knockin', so you know what that means? Valentine's Day is here! If you're paired up for the romantic holiday, it's time to start thinking about how you'll show your loved one you care. One of the simplest ways to get sentimental on Feb. 14 is with a Valentine's Day card. We've scoured Etsy for the funniest love notes to give your honey, with everything from cute wordplays to sexy innuendos. Check them out now!

Additional reporting by Tara Block

I'd Put the Toilet Seat Down For You [1] ($5)

I Want to Kiss Your Face So Hard [2] ($5)

I Love You More Than Kanye Loves Himself [3] ($8)

My Heart Just Pooped Its Pants [4] ($4)

Let's Screw [5] ($4)

You're Okay, I Guess [6] ($5)

I Knew I Loved You When I Farted and You Didn't Run Away [7] ($5)

I Love You More Than Pizza [8] ($4)

Now That We're Together We Can Let Ourselves Go [9] ($4)

You're My Favorite Husband [10] ($5)

You're the Jay Z to my Beyoncé [11] ($5)

Let's Make Babies [12] ($5)

iValentine [13] ($5)

Let's Get It On Because Marvin Gaye Said So [14] ($5)

Love & Doughnuts [15] ($4)

You're the Only Wiener For My Bun [16] ($5)

I've Fallen For You and I Can't Get Up [17] ($5)

Nice Cock [18] ($5)

Thanks For Putting Up With Me [19] ($4)

Hugs and Kisses! [20] ($5)

I'm So Glad You Seduced Me With Your Charming Awkwardness [21] ($4)

You Are Cordially Invited to My No Pants Party [22] ($4)

You're My Stud Muffin [23] ($5)

I'd Totally Shave My Legs For You [24] ($4)

I Want to Touch Your Butt Forever [25] ($5)

YOLO Conversation Heart [26] ($4)

I Hate Everyone but You [27] ($4)

Sweet Valentine [28] ($4)

You Should Put Your Mouth on My Mouth [29] ($5)

Olive Juice [30] ($4)

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