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Funny, Punny (and Often Questionable) Vintage Valentines

Feb 6 2014 - 7:00am

Feb. 14, doesn't always have to be the cheesiest day of the year. But now I have a much-too-sweet treat for those of you who like to hate on the Hallmark holiday — bad vintage valentines! The fact that children were intended to exchange most of these does not make them any better. Warning: lots of bad puns ahead.

A Poetic Janitor

This little janitor wants to sweep you off your feet.

Small Fry

Is it just me, or do both these eggs look like female eggs? We might have a pair of lesbian eggs on our hands.

No Dirty Talk

This kid will wash up for you!

If You'd Pig Me . . .

This seems inappropriately suggestive.

Be Mine . . . or Else!

He's loaded with love!

So Corny

What's worse than a corny question? A corny pun announcing your corny question.


Nothing's sexier than patched-up socks.

Playing House

This one is included mostly for the socks and shoe combo.

Dear Valentine

Who's the valentine? The girl who lost her pants or the squirrel?

Cat Lady

Musician, bow-tied cats. Can we make them the Valentine's Day version of the Easter Bunny?

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