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Futuristic Fashion Predictions on Pathetone Weekly

Flashback: '30s Fashion Predictions for the Year 2000

Famous American fashion designers of the 1930s were asked to predict what well-dressed folks would be wearing in the year 2000. Some predictions were spot-on and others were way off. These fashionistas somehow foresaw women of the millennium donning skanky see-through dresses, accessorized with body temperature regulating belts — for our ever-frequent hot flashes, I presume? And let's not forget the nifty headlights installed atop our heads — to offset our dim-witted minds, maybe? Different explanations for these clothing picks are provided in the clip, but nonchalant sexist remarks are there too, so be on the look-out! (Want more fashion predictions? Click here for millennium wardrobe forecasts from the '70s.)

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